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Canadian Forces Health Services

OPI - Mary Chamberlain



Leanne Coleman-Kamphuis, PIPSC representative, opened the March 22, 2010 meeting, followed a round of introductions, including the new Human Resources Director, Ms Elena DeCurtis.  UNDE was represented by the UNDE EVP.
Agenda.  The agenda was amended to add Employment Equity as a standing agenda item for future meetings.

Approval of Minutes (December 10, 2009 attached).  All committee members agreed with the minutes as previously distributed by email.

Old Business

LMCC Committees at Bases/Wings – PIPSC stated that the list of active Clinic LMRCs is improving, committees are being established and most are active.  There are still concerns at the Petawawa Clinic, it has not met for over a year; and is the Edmonton Wellness Committee considered by the worksite to be a LMRC?  Both PIPSC and UNDE agreed that the Edmonton committee is established in accordance with the DAOD.

Status Report of the Review of the Excluded AS Positions and Second Level Grievance Processes.  HR advised that she has the file and that the review of both the excluded positions and delegated grievance officers is ongoing.  The COS advised that CFHS is reviewing the exclusions and the delegated grievance officers as requested by UNDE with a view as to what makes sense.  It is hoped that the reveiw will be completed soon with a final report provided to UNDE by June.

It was confirmed again that 2nd level grievance officer is in Ottawa.   Where this is not the case, it will be captured in the ongoing review.

In response to PIPSC’s request for information, once the review is conducted, the names of delegated grievance officers will be posted as required in accordance with the collective agreements.

Grievance Report.  Not available.

Update on Workforce Adjustment.  UNDE requested an update on the ongoing WFA situations. COS advised that there a 9 x AS 5 employees affected by the RX2000 closure – one employee is likely goign to accept their offer; one employee has accepted a term acting assignment; the others have been offered alternate positions in the CFHIS program but they have concerns about some of the job requirements.

Harassment/Bullying, Update on Grievances.  PIPSC stated that the number of grievances, complaints and human rights complaints continues to grow.  PIPSC identified a situation in Petawawa where a PIPSC member is representing a UNDE, surprised that UNDE EVP was not aware.  UNDE EVP explained that her role is not the same as the PIPSC member in attendance who has a working relationship with the members at the Local level.  UNDE’s EVP is not party to the complaint and grievance process unless the member themself, an elected officer or a member of the staff makes her aware.  UNDE EVP also stated that UNDE does not support the DND Harassment Policy and recommends that the members file a harassment grievance.  PIPSC reminded the committee that DND promotes a zero tolerance.

Committee Terms of Reference.  PIPSC suggested that with all the ongoing issues that the committee meet four (4) times a year vice three (3).  Agreed to March, June, September, December.  The bargaining agent representatives advised that UNDE will hold the position of co-chair until 2011.

Acess to PIPSC Website.  PIPSC identified that some members are still have problems accessing the union website from their workplace computers.  It seems to be more prevelent in the Atlantic Region.  UNDE EVP advised that she has not had any complaints from the UNDE members.  Employees should be advised to contact their local IT.

New Business

Budget and Funding for FY 10/11.  UNDE EVP advised that UNDE had received a list of term employees and was surprised to see so many term employees in CFHS considering the structure of the clinics is nationally driven and funded.  COS advised that the majority of the terms in the workplace were hired for specific short term needs, for example the set up of the CFHIS or roto training.   COS further advised that there will be no new money, but that CFHS can staff as needed to meet the requirement of providing medical and dental support to the CF.  UNDE EVP state that the upcoming salary increases for the public service and the military will have to be found within the department’s existing budgets.  It is hoped that the TB negotiated pay raises will not be met on the backs of other workers.  The COS stated that everyone has been told that they must manage their internal financial pressures and not on the backs of other.

Conflict of Interest with Grievance Handling in the Hospital Clinics.  Addressed under Old Business.

Vacation / Medical Leave.  PIPSC and UNDE echoed their sentiment that they were surprised that time off for medical and dental appointments has come up again considering it has been discussed at the two previous UMCCs and that all committee members had felt that a clear understanding of the intent of the TB policy had been reached at the December 2009 meeting.  Why are employees now being told that they can only take one medical or dental appointment a year?  The Treasury Policy talks about the reason for the appoint, frequency, and those situations where taking leave is required, but it does not contain a limit of one appointment per year.  A lenghty discussion ensued with various examples being given.  UNDE EVP advised that a reasonable and fair agreement had been reached with the employer representatives and the bargaining agent representatives.  The same agreement that is in place everywhere else in DND.  And now some HR person has decided that this understanding is not correct.  Both PIPSC and UNDE stated that they will advise their members to file grievances if an alternate interpretation is imposed that is felt to be in contravention of the intent of the TB Policy.

Support for Lunch and Learns in the Clinics.  PIPSC requested the COS’ support for lunch and learn sessions in the clinics.  The COS  confirmed his commitment and that he had forward the previous email request to the appropriate clinic manager.  PIPSC advised that they were not aware of that response.  The COS requested that the email be resent and that he will resend to the clinic manager, cc PIPSC, indicating his support.  UNDE EVP asked what type of learning sessions PIPSC is conducting; response, about PIPSC, how to manoeuvre the PIPSC website, harassment awareness.

Clinic Managers Updated List.  The COS provided an update verbally.

Round Table

PIPSC Asked why have people been denied a requested advance of sick leave contrary to past practice?  HR will look into the situation and follow up.

UNDE Based on an email from Local 637 Trenton, UNDE EVP asked what is the physio prof-tech network?  And why is there a WD review being proposed?  Why has the lead been assigned to Trenton?  UNDE EVP stated that the WDs were written nationally based on the duties expected and the standard structure established for the clinics.  In addition, those same national WDs were used in the essential services (ESA) negotiations, will there be an impact on the ESAs?

To assist, PIPSC advised that a review of the Occupational Physiotherapists’ (OP 1) WDs has been requested in hopes of addressing classification and rates of pay issues.  PIPSC-represented members have made comparables between the Physio Therapy Assistants (EG 4) and Pharmacy Technicians (EG 2).

UNDE asked if this review would impact on any other UNDE-represented functions, ie CR.  The COS advised no.  He also advised that he did not know why Trenton was identified as the lead clinic for the proposed review.  He will follow up.

Human Resources Advised that she is looking forward to working with the bargaining agent representatives.  She encouraged consultation with her staff but that she is available to assist where needed.

Next Meeting.  June 2010 (to be confirmed)

In solidarity,

M.L. Chamberlain
Executive Vice President